The Ketch ‘Greyhound’


Vessel Details for Greyhound

Official Number:65271
Fishing Number:H728
Vessel Name:Greyhound
  • James Harding of Hull 1880 90
  • William Lancaster 1886
  • P Lenney 1887
  • Hull
Notes:Register closed 1898.
Trade:North Sea Fishing.
Incidents:October 28th 1885 4am on the edge of Dogger bank about 90 miles from Spurn W by S. Port stern knocked away. Collided with smack Milo of Grimsby through his not having his mast.November 18. Cook jumped overboard in a temper. He was immeadiatley rescued by the crew.16 November 1886 North Sea Spurn WSW 160 miles. We found our warp cut in two places . Intentionally cut by J Johnson the cook who admitted the offence.J Johnson, cook was sentenced at the Hull police court on November 24th to twelve weeks imprisonment with hard labour for wilfully having cut the trawl warp whilst at sea.Memoranda by Skipper. The cook J Mulholland instead of improving has become worse.. Giving the crew sauce and being dirty , neglecting wilfully to do his work the whole of the voyage.Entry by Mercantile Marine Office. For incompetency the wages of J Mulholland who served as cook from December 3rd 1889 to 10th February 1890 were reduced from 12 to 10 per week.

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