Vessel Details for Active

Official Number:65188
Fishing Number:H640
Vessel Name:Active
  • Jabez Joseph Hobbs of Hull
  • Thomas Sykes 1883
  • Thomas Henry Petherbridge 1884
  • Robert Lumley 1885
  • J Gibbs 1889
  • James Crawley / C Shears 1890
  • B Murlin / W Stephenson 1891
  • Hull
Trade:North Sea Fishing.
Incidents:12th Sept 1883, Alfred Gurney 20, fourth hand was lost. Wednesday November 12 1884. Whilst laying astern of the cutter Spurn bearing West by South half South. distance about 80 miles the smack Ino of Hull came along side of us breaking the fore trawl head and a stanchion and covering board on the port side and unshipping the main boom. His fault there being plenty of room. February 1st 1886 North Sea Spurn bearing W by S 80 miles. James Ellis, 33 from torquay, cook. Washed overboard by a heavy sea and was drowned. J Gibbs skipper William Scott 4th Hand. 30th September 1888. Heavy sea breaking on board throwing the boat on them.

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