The Schooner ‘Hind’

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The Hind was an 80 foot long schooner of 100 tons, launched at Burton Stather in May 1868 for Messrs Cass & Co of Goole. Cass & Co also had the schooner Young Dick built at the yard a year later.1

The Lloyds Register describes her as a Goole coaster.2 Records show she worked along the North Sea coast between Newcastle and London under Captain Jackson. The schooner also seems to have been prone to collisions, both at sea and in the rivers.


The SS Lord Eslington

In December 1879 the Hind was at anchor in The Thames, off Erith. The iron screw steamship Lord Eslington, was being towed up the Thames for repairs, by the tug Cruiser, after being in collision with the SS Trident on the 13th, the Trident having sunk as a result. The 1116 ton ship collided again with the Hind, breaking the schooners' jib-boom and head gear.3

The Tug Victoria

In April 1883 the Hind damaged the tug Victoria at Sunderland. The schooner listed over the tug which was on her berth in the Camber, breaking the tugs' rail, stanchions and bulwarks.4

The ST Lord Lyons

There was another collision on the 13th of February 1888. In the North Sea, off The Tyne. The Hind collided with the steam trawler Lord Lyons. She struck a violent blow on the stern of the fishing vessel doing some considerable damage, also damaging herself and carrying away her cutwater.5

The Smack Frank

In December 1892 the Hind was on voyage from Exeter bound for Hull with a cargo of coal. On the approach to The Humber the schooner came in collision with the Grimsby cod smack Frank GY376, doing damage to the smack and her own stem and jib-boom.

Henry Smethurst, the owner of the Frank, took action against the owners of the Hind, claiming £250 17s 7d in damages. There was a counter claim by the defendant for £89 14s. The complainant claimed the smack was lying to on the starboard tack when the schooner ran into her at 4 knots. The defendant claimed the smack was making progress through the water and altered course, causing the accident. The court found the Hind to be in fault.6

The Steam Tug Helen

On the 29th of November 1893, shortly after 8am, the Hind was being towed up The Tyne to her mooring at the Mill Dam. While under tow she, for some unknown reason, sheared to the south and collided with the steam tug Helen of Shields. She carried away part of the tugs' starboard paddle casing, also damaging her port quarter and paddle wheel, leaving the tug in a crippled condition.5

The SS Shearwater

There would be one more final collision for the Hind in 1895. On Saturday the 26th of January she left Newcastle bound for London with a cargo of coal under Captain Jackson. The voyage went well until the morning of the 29th, while on the approach into the Thames Estuary, off the Maplin Spit Buoy, she found bad weather. The SS Shearwater of Newcastle which was making the opposite voyage from The Thames to The Tyne collided with her. The Hind was struck with a fatal blow, causing her to sink within two minutes. Some of the crew were below, but managed to get on deck just in time to escape the sinking ship. One boarded the steamer by climbing over it's bow. Three crewmen were left struggling in the water for about ten minutes, desperately clinging to pieces of floating wreckage until the steam ships' boat was launched and picked them up from the icy water. Fortunately all crew survived and were landed safely back in Newcastle by the steamer.5

Vessel Details for Hind

Official Number:58729
Code Flags:HFCNCode flag - HotelCode flag - FoxtrotCode flag - CharlieCode flag - November
Vessel Name:Hind
  • Cass and Co 1870
  • John Morris of Knottingley 1875
  • E Jackson of Knottingley 1880
  • Ann Jackson of Hull 1890
  • E Jackson 1870
  • Goole
Construction:Iron bolts. Carvel planks, round stern.
Trade:Goole coaster.
Incidents:Numerous collisions at sea.
Fate:Sunk in a collision with SS Shearwater, 29th Jan 1895, taking coal from Newcasle to London.


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