The Schooner ‘Ann Mitchell’

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The Ann Mitchell was the first of two ships built by Wray at Burton Stather for Mr Richard Mitchell of Briton Ferry. The other was the Bessie Mitchell, two years later in 1869. She was a schooner 81.4 feet in length and 104 tons, launched in August 1867.

Early Voyages

Her maiden voyage from The Stather took her Goole on the 1st of October, with Captain John Davies and Mate John Owens. In Goole they picked up more crew for the next leg of the journey to Poole. They were joined by Able Seamen Thomas Owens and John Taylor and Ordinary Seaman William Gott of Selby, leaving Goole for Poole on the 4th. Arriving in Poole, the latter three crew were replaced with William Morgan AB. James Coombes AB. and John Evans OS. leaving Poole for Runcorn on the 29th. Then from Runcorn to Barrow on the 20th of November, leaving Barrow for the final leg on the 2nd of December, back South to her home port of Briton Ferry.

The Port of Briton Ferry

The Port of Briton Ferry

Her next voyage, leaving Briton Ferry on the 13th of December took her to Dieppe in France, arriving on the 27th.

The Ann Mitchell continued this trade, working mainly on the West of England, Wales and Ireland, but also working in the Channel, to France and the North Sea to East Coast ports and The Netherlands.

Ashore at Goodwick

On the 4th of March 1871 the schooner left Duddon for Briton Ferry. In a gale on the 16th she ran ashore on Goodwick Beach near Fishguard. The crew were rescued by lifeboat, they were John Davies - Master (not the same one as the maiden voyage), John Owens - Mate, David Jenkins - AB., David Thomas - AB., and David Davies - OS. The ship was later recovered, taken back to Briton Ferry and continued to work.

The Final Voyage

After the close shave at Goodwick, the Ann Mitchell sailed on for a number of years around the coasts for Britain and Europe, up until 1886.

She was carrying a cargo of coal from Fleetwood bound for Par on the 8th of December when she was caught in a force 11 South-Westerly gale. The Master, Lewis Evans sought shelter in St Tudwal's Road where she collided with the Glasgow steamship Maggie (ON. 63301). She foundered and sank in the bay off Abersoch. All crew were saved and signed off in Pwllheli, they were, Lewis Evans, Master; Daniel Davies, Mate; Thomas Cowel and William Knight, both Able Seamen.

Vessel Details for Ann Mitchell

Official Number:56037
Code Flags:MSLCCode flag - MikeCode flag - SierraCode flag - LimaCode flag - Charlie
Vessel Name:Ann Mitchell
  • Mitchell & Co of Glamorgan
  • John Davies 1867 70
  • David Davies 1871
  • David Willey 1877. Joseph Davies 1879
  • Lewis Evans 1886
  • Swansea
  • Whitstable 1874
Construction:Iron bolts. Damage repairs 1871. Some Repairs 1876.
Trade:UK and Europe coaster.
Incidents:Ran ashore on Goodwick Beach, 16th March 1871.
Fate:Lost on the 8th of December 1886. 1.2nm East of Abersoch. Foundred after collision with the Glasgow steamer Maggie.


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