The Sloop ‘Rose in June’

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The Rose in June was a Humber Sloop launched at Burton Stather on the 4th of August 1866 for Matthew Beacock of Winteringham. Registered in Hull, she carried a variety of general cargoes about the region such as wood, gravel, coal, grain, oil cake, cement and bricks. She travelled inland to Leeds and sometimes to sea, along the coast. By 1875 she belonged to William Hearfield Bee of Brigg. He also owned the Acorn and Hamilton.


In the November of 1892 the Rose in June took 70 tons of bricks up the Ancholme Navigation to Brigg. The bricks fetched £12 3s 6d. This was divided into two thirds for the skipper, £8 2s 4d, who had to pay for the mate's wages, towing charges, food and the cost of loading and discharging. The owner took one third, £4 1s 2d, he had to pay for maintenance and insurance for the vessel.

To London

This sloop was known to have travelled as far as London. On the 29th of April 1893 she sailed out of Hull with 70 tons of oil cake bound for Yarmouth. After discharging at Yarmouth she took on 63 tons of flour to take to London where she picked up 267 quarters of barley for Ipswich. She arrived back in Hull on the 27th of May, almost a month after leaving. The three cargoes brought £22 13s 3d, which was divided by thirds, two to the skipper and one to the owner.

The End

By 1897 she belonged to Robert Seddon of Barton, who remained owner until 1901 when she sank in the Humber on the 21st of May at Trinity Sands, inside of Spurn Point. She was at the time carrying a cargo of gravel. The crew escaped in the sloops' cog boat. This Notice to Mariners was released shortly afterwards.


Humber Beaconage, Trinity House, Hull, 21st May, 1901 - NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that SLOOP ROSE IN JUNE NOW LIES SUNK about North - West from Spurn. A Buoy has this day been placed to mark the Wreck. The Mast of the Vessel in present visible at high Water.

Hull Daily Mail
23rd of May 1901

Vessel Details for Rose in June

Official Number:56221
Vessel Name:Rose in June
  • Mesrrs Mathew Beacock and Joseph Waddington of Winteringham
  • William Gray of Stead Gray and Co of Hull 1873
  • William H Bee of Brigg 1881
  • Robert Seddon of Barton 1901
  • George Wright Stamp of Ings Lane Barton on Humber 1881
  • Hull
Notes:Crew in 1881, George Wright Stamp, master, year of birth 1847, born Wintringham. William Bigings, mate, year of birth 1861, born Barton. John Oldridge, boy, year of birth 1863, born Barton. Register closed 1901.
Trade:Humber and coastal trade.
Fate:Sunk on Trinity Sands, near Spurn, 21st May 1901. Carrying Gravel, crew took to the boat.

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