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The Daring was a Hull fishing smack, ketch rigged and 74 feet in length. She was launched on the 21st of February 1878 for Thomas John Boyd of Hull.1

The story of the Daring is a short one, this vessel having probably the shortest career of any of the ships built on The Stather, lasting only two months.2


It was reported that she made only two voyages, the second of which she did not return from.2

About seven weeks ago the fishing smack Daring, belonging to Mr. H. Knott, and the Challenger, Captain Cook, left this port for the Dogger Bank. The Daring has not been heard of since, and the Challenger, when last heard of, was off Lowestoft. It is feared that both vessels, with their crews, are lost, although there is some hope for them, as the Adeline, of Hull, lately turned up after a long absence.3

Hull Packet
19th April 1878

Seven weeks previous to the date of this article (Good Friday) would place her leaving Hull at the very end of February or beginning of March. That would be only a week after the launch, so it is probable that the first voyage was her transport from Burton Stather to her home port of Hull.

But it seemed that all hope had not yet been lost for her safe return, as the article mentions another Stather built smack, the Adeline (H588) turning up after being long overdue.3

Fate of The Daring

The arrival in Hull of one of the fishing fleet's steam cutters one week later on the 26th of April, brought the news of the Daring having sunk in collision. The good news was, the cutter also brought home the crew, alive and well, along with the crew of another Stather built smack, the Conflict (H815), with which the Daring had collided, and also sank.2

Yesterday intelligence was received in Hull to the effect that two fishing smacks had been lost in collision, viz., the Daring, owned by Mr T. Boyd, and the Conflict, the property of Mr Robins. The information is to the effect that whilst the two vessels along with large fleet of fishing smacks on the Dutch coast, a smart wind blowing, the Conflict ran into the Daring with such force that she sank in a few minutes, and the Conflict was so seriously injured that she shortly afterwards foundered. The Daring was a fine new vessel, having only made one voyage previous to that in which she was engaged at the time of the accident. Both crews were saved and were forwarded to Hull by one of the carriers from the fleet.2

Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer
27th April 1878

Vessel Details for Daring

Official Number:79024
Fishing Number:H1151
Vessel Name:Daring
  • Thomas John Boyd of Hull
  • Hull
Trade:North Sea fishing.
Fate:Lost in collision with the Hull smack Conflict, also built on The Stather, 23rd April 1878, off the Dutch coast.


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