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Dora was a Humber Sloop of 53 tons, launched in 1891 at Wray & Son's yard in Burton Stather. She was registered at the port of Goole.

In 1922 she took part in the Barton Watermen's Regatta. This was the first one to be held after it stopped for World War One. Under captain J Codd she claimed third place in the Challenge Cup race that year.

The End

Dora met her end on the 19th of September 1935. At the time she belonged to Joseph W Eastwood of Barmby on the Marsh and was captained by Herbert Rooke of the same place. She left South Ferriby that afternoon for Barmby after being loaded with more than 60 tons of chalk from the Ferriby quarry. Skipper Rooke was accompanied by mate William Hutton of Rowland Hall.

In the Humber the crew of two met with difficult conditions with a gale of wind blowing. The fore sail was blown away and control was lost, so they dropped the anchor, but it failed to get hold and the sloop continued to drift down river towards Hull with masses of water coming aboard all the time.

The two men had done all they could and were at the mercy of the elements with no control of the filling vessel as the tide carried them through the rough waters. So they launched Dora's cog boat and braved the waters in the tiny but more manageable vessel and made an arduous and perilous voyage back to Ferriby.

Two other sloops belonging to the same firm Brilliant Star and Sunbeam went to help. Brilliant Star managed to get a rope onto Dora and took her in tow, but only pulled her out of the main channel on to Barton Sands where she foundered.

Vessel Details for Dora

Official Number:114037
Vessel Name:Dora
  • Wlliam Aaron of Hull 1903 1910
  • James Barraclough of Barton 1915
  • W Bleasdale & Co Ltd. of Hull 1920 1930
  • Joseph W Eastwood of Barmby on the Marsh 1931
  • Albert Codd 1912
  • J Codd 1922
  • Herbert Rooke of Barmby Marsh 1935
  • Goole
Notes:Took part in the first Barton Regatta after WWI, in 1922 coming third place in the Challenge Cup race.
Trade:Humber sloop.
Fate:Foundered half a mile off Barton Waterside 19th Sept 1935, after losing control in rough conditions and being towed out of the channel.


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