The Ketch ‘Diamond’


Vessel Details for Diamond

Official Number:79453
Fishing Number:H1191
Vessel Name:Diamond
  • Henry Maddick of Hull 1880 1890
  • Robert Lowry 1881
  • George Little 1882
  • Thomas Leyland 1884
  • Charles Barnsdale 1886
  • Robert Clark 1887
  • John Lynn 1888
  • George Turner 1889
  • George Howe / T Barker 1892
  • John William Atkinson 1884
  • Joseph Watson 1896
  • H J Marshall / A Hatton 1897
  • Richard H
  • Hull
Notes:Register closed 1899, sold to Sweden.
Construction:Had an engine fitted some time before 1896.
Trade:North Sea Fishing. Later cargo.
Incidents:12th March 1882 William Fern 20 Deckhand, drowned when lost overboard while reefing the mainsail. August 28th 1885 4am about 250 miles from Spurn. Gleaner of Hull ran into us broke our mizzen mast. 15th March 1888 6.30 am North Sea. Carried away our bowsprit. Collision with the smack Valiant of Hull. 24th March 9pm North Sea. Slight collision with a Grimsby smack name unknown. 28th March North Sea. We lost our fishing gear. Fast to a wreck. September 12th 1888, North sea. James Drew 4th hand drowned. June 20th 1889 Horn Reef. H Sutcliffe 4th hand, fell from the mast and broke his collar bone. 31st August 1895 North Sea. John Walsh, cook. Last seen 2pm supposed to have fallen overboard drowned. 27th Jan 1896, stranded at Withernsea. 29th Jan 1896 Thomas William Hood fell into The Humber and died 3 days later.
Fate:Left norway Nov 1917 and never seen again.

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