The Ketch ‘Spero Expecto’


Vessel Details for Spero Expecto

Official Number:79432
Fishing Number:H1172
Vessel Name:Spero Expecto
New Names:
  • Spero
  • Edward R Coleby of Hull 1878
  • James Fellows 1885
  • Thomas Ross of Hull 1886
  • Isaak Faulkner 1884
  • John William Mussard - George Antcliff 1886
  • Charles Poulton - Jesse Grigleston Minns 1887
  • John Worrell 1889
  • R Plummer - Edward Webber 1890
  • George Wright 1891
  • Hull
  • Uddevalla - Sweden 1891
Notes:Sold to Sweden 1891.
Trade:North Sea Fishing.
Incidents:10th April 1880 Samuel Booth, apprentice, 19 fell overboard from the boat and drowned. April 19th 1887 Horn Reef. Loss of bowsprit through collision with smack Londesborough of Hull. 28th January 1889 about 4pm North Sea. Collision with smack Mystery of Hull. James Small 2nd Hand Henry Smith 3rd Hand. A quarrel arose between these two men on the 13th March 1889 with regard to assisting one another to heave the guy resulted in a free fight between them on deck until the skipper could separate them. Charles Poulton skipper James Small 2nd Hand. The 2nd hand put some fish in a dirty basket when remonstrated with for doing so attempted to strike the skipper, who was stood in the hatchway. Whereupon he jumped on deck struck the 2nd hand with his fist. For the assaults referred to each of the three men who committed them have been punished by being fined as per regulations for maintaining discipline.

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