The Schooner ‘Expert’

Code flag - NovemberCode flag - MikeCode flag - GolfCode flag - Tango


Map showing the approximate location where the vessel was thought to have been lost, or the last known position.

Vessel Details for Expert

Official Number:22633
Code Flags:NMGTCode flag - NovemberCode flag - MikeCode flag - GolfCode flag - Tango
Vessel Name:Expert
  • Joseph Arnold of Knottingley 1858
  • Elizabeth Arnold of Knottingley 1880
  • Thomas Ramsey of Goole 1888
  • Paul Farnill of Goole
  • Jeremiah Bentley of Goole
  • W Askam
  • Booth 1860
  • William Tomlinson of Teignmouth
  • James Eastwood 1894
  • Goole
  • London 1870
Notes:Appears in Falmouth 1881 Census. Register closed 1894.
Construction:Iron bolts, part clinker.
Trade:Goole coaster.
Fate:Wrecked on East Pentire Point, Newquay during gales 27th Jan 1894. Lost with all hands including a dog.

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