Able Seaman Richard John Ray Mann HMS Foylebank

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John was the son of Tom and Mary Mann and husband to Mabel of Burton upon Stather.

HMS Foylebank, a grain carrier converted to an anti aircraft the ship he served on was attacked in Portland Harbour, where she was moored, by 33 Ju87 Divebombers.

The Naval Harbourmaster Edward Palmer won a British Empire Medal or his work that day (read his account here) and Leading Seaman Jack Mantle was awarded a Victoria Cross. His citation reads:-

Leading Seaman Jack Mantle was in charge of the Starboard pom-pom when FOYLEBANK was attacked by enemy aircraft on the 4th of July, 1940. Early in the action his left leg was shattered by a bomb, but he stood fast at his gun and went on firing with hand-gear only; for the ship's electric power had failed. Almost at once he was wounded again in many places. Between his bursts of fire he had time to reflect on the grievous injuries of which he was soon to die; but his great courage bore him up till the end of the fight, when he fell by the gun he had so valiantly served.
The London Gazette
Tuesday 3rd September 1940

Sadly Richard was one of the 176 men who died that day the 4th July 1940 and his name is commemorated at the Portsmouth Naval Memorial.

Portsmouth Naval Memorial 360° Panorama.
The Memorial in Foxhills Club Scunthorpe
The Memorial in Foxhills Club Scunthorpe
© Charles Anderson

Richard Mann is named as one of the 52 employees from the Scunthorpe works who gave their lives during the 1939 - 1945 war. The memorial plaque erected by J Lysaghts Ltd can be found at what is now Foxhills Club or Institute, Ferry Rd., Scunthorpe, it was originally Lysaghts Steelworks Social Club. The Lysaghts Works Plaque now resides on a wall at Scunthorpe Museum. You will also find on this memorial Gordon H Young and from the First World War, Cyril S Allen and Hugh G De Lisle Bush.

Richard's story is still a work in progress and any further information would be gratefully received please Email FTAO Karen.

Record Details for Richard John Ray Mann

First Names:Richard John Ray
Initials:R. J. R.
Resided:Burton Stather
Death Date:
Family Info:Son of Tom and Amy Mann. Husband of Mabel Mann, of Burton on Stather, Lincolnshire.
Rank:Able Seaman
Service Number:P/J 7192
Service:Royal Navy
Ship:HMS Foylebank
Commemorated:Portsmouth Naval Memorial, Panel 39, Column 1. Map
Place of Death:Portland Harbour, United Kingdom
Bench:Main St Normanby. On left heading toward Burton by the post box. Mapphoto


Use the interactive map to view the location of Richard John Ray Mann's Memorial. Click the Bench link to view the location of his Memorial Bench. You can view all the graves, memorials and benches by downloading our which can be viewed in Google Earth and other mapping software.

Remembered with Honour.

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