Dedication of the New War Memorial

Tuesday the 11th of November

The Memorial


Conspicuous by its absence was a war memorial monument in Burton Upon Stather. There were memorial plaques in St Andrew's Church but unlike almost all other British villages, a monument to honour our fallen heroes did not adorn our village green or churchyard.

Following ongoing research into the lives of each of the 39 Burton Upon Stather parish residents that sadly did not return from World Wars I & II, Burton Stather Heritage Group (BSHG) decided that in the centenary year of the beginning of World War I, it was perhaps fitting to do something about this. With the help of Estelle Mumby, who is researching the Winterton Roll of Honour, we also discovered another two men from WWI that were missed off the original roll in the church, William Hagues and Albert Waddingham.

Work on the War Memorial
Work on the War Memorial. Click for more.
The War Memorial Service
The War Memorial Service. Click for more.

You can view all the photos here.

At a Parish Council meeting BSHG put forward the proposal for the war memorial monument and following some discussion the parish council requested that BSHG provide a design and an estimate of future maintenance costs.

The project was wholly funded by BSHG through their own fund raising activities. The design is a very simple, modern monument made from a very large natural grey limestone rock which is faced on one side with a black marble plaque mounted to carry the names of the soldiers in gold lettering. The rock is placed in a paved hexagon with seating on Glebe Paddock in the centre of the village.

One unique feature, we shall add, will be a QR barcode which when scanned with a mobile phone or tablet will link to the Roll of Honour webpage detailing the history of each individual named on the plaque. This not only gives life and personality to the name but has obvious educational advantages for our children, related families and history scholars.

The Dedication Ceremony

The monument was unveiled by Andrew Percy MP in a dedication ceremony conducted by Rev Ian Coates on the . The event was very well attended with Glebe Paddock filled by the Primary School and crowds of local people as well as relatives of those named who travelled to Burton upon Stather from further a field.

Watch the video of the service

It is absolutely in the best place for all the village to be able to visit it and perhaps take a little rest and think of all of those young men whose lives were so brutally cut short.

A dwindling band who remember the village before all the expansion and when those young men were still fresh in the hearts of our parents are now perhaps best placed to rectify what is a glaring omission.

Winn Readhead
Local Historian & Author

I, as a member of Burton Stather Heritage Group, would like to publicly congratulate all of my colleagues on the success of the Dedication of the Parish War Memorial held today, Armistice Day 11/11/ 2014.

To see so many residents, friends and family in attendance along with Andrew Percy MP, NLC Cllr. Marper, Cllr. Rowson, Cllr. Ogg, Sir Reginald and Lady Sheffield and our Parish Council so well represented today too was wonderful. It was particularly good to be able to meet some of the relatives of those named, some who had travelled specially to be there.

This is the culmination of a lot of hard work and fundraising by all concerned. The group itself was only formed in 2009 and many of our projects are still ongoing. Considering we only received planning permission for the new War Memorial on I feel that the success of todays event shows the level of commitment and dedication within the group plus their willingness for sheer hard work.

Special thanks must go to local resident Mr Alan Jennison of Hemswell Surfacing Ltd., who donated materials and his services used in the formation of the memorial area. Anyone seeing the result will agree he did a fabulous job. Also to Mr Paul Hubbard of Barningham Memorials, Scunthorpe for his favourable rates and excellent service. The stone itself was donated by Mr Nick Harland of Walcot with all other works from planning to the unveiling being undertaken by Burton Stather Heritage Group.

We would like to thank all those who took part to make it a day to remember. They were, Rev. Ian Coates, children of Burton Stather Primary School who laid crosses, sang and behaved beautifully, our own Burton Stather Heritage Girls for their poem, Geoffrey Robinson MBE, Mr Andrew Percy MP, Captain Ken Smith RLC, group member Mr Glyn Morgan who donated his services and excellent PA system and not least Mr Herbert Such our lone bagpipe player.

A lovely buffet lunch was held The Ferry House Inn, Burton Stather kindly arranged and partly donated by Vicky Jolly of the Riverside Restaurant where much chatting and reminiscing took place.

I am proud to be associated with, and a member of, Burton Stather Heritage Group.

Pete Day
Burton Stather Heritage Group

I felt that I could not let the occasion of yesterday pass without saying a word of congratulation to the Heritage Group.

The planning and work involved in setting the Memorial on the Paddock must have been tremendous, and the cost quite considerable. The culmination yesterday of the unveiling and dedication of the Memorial, was I am certain very rewarding to your group. The support indicated by the attendance demonstrated the approval of the village.

The ceremony itself was well planned and was most impressive, I was honoured to be present and take part.

The Memorial now stands very proudly in a prominent place in the village and I know it will serve to remind people of the supreme sacrifice made by those named on it. Please pass on my congratulations to the members of the group and I wish them well in any future plans they may have.

Geoff Robinson MBE
WWII RAF Vereran

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