The Queen's Diamond Jubilee

Wednesday the 4th of July

BSHG were actively involved in the Jubilee celebrations and participated by throwing a 1950s holiday camp style party at the Ferry House pub. This was topped by a huge fireworks display which in conjunction with Sir Reginald Sheffield lighting the Armada Beacon and firing 60 rockets from the hilltop, really made for a night to remember.

Jubilee Day at the Ferry House
Jubilee Day at the Ferry House

Martin, Indipup and crew were also invited to attend the Jubilee celebrations at 7 Lakes on Sunday the 3rd, after their success at the previous year's Rescue Day. The weather for July was disappointing, cold, windy and wet! So the day was not as busy as it should have been with much of the line up and the public not turning up. But in spite of that, the crew and passengers that did turn up braved the weather and carried on regardless.

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