The 10th of April History Calendar

A Ketch

On this day 287 years ago in 1733 the Burton Stather born Thomas Pelling, AKA The Flying Man of Pocklington, fell from the tower of All Saints Church in Pocklington when a stunt went horribly wrong. Pelling was a traveling showman who performed dare-devil acts across the country which included a flying man act where he would descend from high buildings on a rope dressed in a costume with bat-like wings. He died two days after the accident with a fractured skull and was buried in the churchyard under the spot where he fell. He is remembered on a plaque on the church and the village holds an annual .

On this day 140 years ago in 1880, Samuel Booth, 19 of the Stather built smack fell from the smacks' boat into the Humber and drowned. His body was found in the river on the 12th, near the Albert Dock extension.

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