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The BSHG Beer Festival

Friday the 30th of August to Sunday the 1st of September

Beer Fest 2016
The BSHG Beer Festival 2016

Our ever popular BSHG Beer Festival returns for another year and this time we are keeping it local. The challenge is to source an exciting collection of real ales to populate the 20 pumps on our bar from local breweries within a 30 mile radius of the parish. This year we will include one or two craft lagers in the line-up as well as the usual selection of delicious ciders for those with a sweeter tooth.

See the full line up of drinks below.

Our Sponsors

Here is a list of our sponsors who have generously donated to the Beer Festival so far. If you would like to be a sponsor and see your name here, see the details below.

Full Barrel Sponsors

Half Barrel Sponsors

Glass Sponsors

Once again the special Beer Festival glasses have been sponsored by Crawfords Shooting Supplies.

Pre-Sales Beer Tokens

Again to keep thing simple we will not be dealing with cash at the bar, only with half pint beer tokens. The tokens can be purchased at the cash desk at the entrance to the marquee at a price of £1.75 a half-pint. You will also need to collect your glass at the cash desk too before going to the bar.

Due to the busy nature of the event we kindly ask that you keep your glass during your stay at the festival. There will not be enough clean glasses for everyone to have a new glass for every drink.

Price List

One Token
Two Tokens
Four Tokens
Six Tokens
Eight Tokens
Ten Tokens
Twelve Tokens

Please note that we do not have an inexhaustable supply of every drink listed, they may run out at some point during the weekend. Check at the bar if the drink is still available.

Unused tokens cannot be reimbursed once sold. For this reason it is important to consider how many tokens you want to buy, particularly on the Sunday afternoon when stock may be limited and could possibly run out entirely.

The Beers

Here is this year's selection of Ales and Ciders, with the ales all sourced from local breweries.

Name Colour / Style Tasting Notes % ABV Brewery
Bakewell Tart Cider Amber Aroma of biscuit, marzipan and apple. Taste is sweet, baked apple, marzipan, cherries. 4.0 SeaCider
Hassocks, Sussex
Black Jesus Black Black as the coal mined from beneath the brewery, Black Jesus is a black IPA brewed with biblical quantities of premium American hops and special de-husked German roasted malt. 6.5 Great Heck
Great Heck
Bloodthirsty Golden Lots of orange citrus from the bittersweet blood orange. 3.7 Lincolnshire Brewing Co.
Cherry Cherry Nice Deep Red A sweet stout infused with cherries complementing the milky sweet mouthfeel. Deep ruby in colour with aroma cherry and hints of malt. 5.0 Lincolnshire Brewing Co.
Drop of the Black Stuff Black Our stunning porter is ominously dark but not heavy, with the lingering finish of roasted barley. Drop O' The Black Stuff is beautifully smooth and easy drinking. 4.0 Springhead
Elderflower G & T Flavoured Cider Subtle apple aromas mixed with a delicate bitterness from the G&T and a fruity sweetness from the Elderflower. Perfect English Refreshment. 4.0 Snails Bank
Flux Pale A hazy IPA hopped with Simcoe and Ekuanot. 5.2 Atom Beers
Gladiator Cider Cloudy Amber This strong rustic cider with it's roman flair has everything. Well rounded, fruity, packed full of flavour and intoxicatingly easy to drink. 8.5 Lilleys Cider
Golden Fleece Blonde Inspired by the German Kolsch style of beer, our Blonde has been brewed and conditioned to make a refreshing light ale with citrus and mild herb flavours that taste like a Pilsner. Won Gold at the SIBA Eastern Region 2018 competition. 4.5 Ferry Ales
Helles Lager Golden F.A.B Helles lager is a crisp lager with malt body and light bitterness. 5.0 Ferry Ales
Imp Stout Black Rich coffee flavours and a slight bitterness, creating a rounded moreish beer. 4.8 Lincolnshire Craft
Lethal Injection Pale A lightly coloured, dry hopped American Pale Ale. Full bodied and packed with hops for relief of pain and suffering. 4.0 Lincolnshire Brewing Co.
Lightning Pale Ale Pale This refreshing pale ale with heaps of hops and an explosion of fresh citrus flavour notes pays homage to a remarkable aircraft and an example of innovative British design. 4.3 Axholme
Mad Jack Dark Gold A refreshing, crisp and dry traditional still cider from Devon. 5.0 Cockeyed cider
Navigator Mahogany Traditional mahogany coloured session bitter with subtle yet exotic hop aromas. Brewed with English Maris Otter malt there are subtleties not to be found in every traditional bitter. This one has a suggestion of th exotic, finished with American hops. 3.9 Great Heck
Great Heck
Never Say Die Pale We brewed this robust New World IPA for when things get tough. The tropical and citrus kick from Magnum, Chinook and Mosaic hops is a reminder that surrender isn't an option. 6.0 Docks Beers
Old Gaffer Amber Brown Full of body and depth and a good all round flavour. Won many beer fest awards but a bit more of a mouthy full flavour. 4.7 Dark Tribe
East Butterwick
Outlawed Blonde A distinctly citrusy and thoroughly quaffable triple-hopped American Pale Ale. Easy drinking and beautifully light, clean, and crisp. 3.8 Springhead
Prickly Back Otchon Golden A hoppy golden bitter combining Pilgrim, Northern Brewer and Cascade hops with a small amount of crystal and wheat malt, to produce a wonderfully robust beer with a beautiful depth of smooth malt flavour and a hint of sweet citrus on the nose. 4.2 Great Newsome
Roaring Meg Golden A surprisingly smooth, classic IPA style beer. The sweet citrus and honey aroma give way to a dry aftertaste that beer lovers can't help falling for. 5.5 Springhead
Smokey Joe Porter Black A classic Porter with a hint of smokiness, the F.A.B Smokey Joe Porter is a mouth-watering drinkable dark beer. 4.9 Ferry Ales
Strawberry Still Fruit Cider A sweet berry burst which sublimely compliments the refreshing bite on an apple in this moreish juicy cider. 4.0 Lilleys Cider
Three Point Six Pale A light, easy drinking, hoppy, summer session beer made with canadian hops, giving a fresh citrus finish. 3.6 Dark Tribe
East Butterwick
Voodoo Mild Dark Chestnut Very flavourful dark mild brewed with lots of roasted malts balanced perfectly with finest English hops. 4.3 Great Heck
Great Heck
York Guzzler Golden Beautifully balanced with dominant hop flavours and pale malt character. Guzzler is an easy drinking, crisp & refreshing session ale brewed with Challenger and Celeia hops that bring about a light citrus palate with overtones of Grapefruit. 3.6 York Brewery

Tug of War

This year we also bring back the Tug of War competition. If your pub, club or group think you have what it takes to challenge the Bottom Pub, bring it on! Get your team down here on Sunday afternoon to enter to competition.

The Burton in Beer Tug of War contest 2016.

Festival Parking

If visiting the festival by car, be sure to have a designated driver and please park responsibly. The pub has limited parking spaces for an event of this size which on the weekend will be limited to staff access and disabled parking.

Street parking is also limited with many Stather residents not having off-road parking. One of our sponsors, Brookside Caravan Park have kindly allowed us to use their nearby land for festival parking. Please show consideration for local residents and use the parking area provided.

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